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Tholu B.V.
Francis Baconstraat 2
6718 XA Ede

T: +31 0318 452277
F: +31 0318 452288
E: tholu@tholu.com
KvK: 09085727


Every year we pick up thousands of IBC-containers by our client. We clean these IBCs and give them a second life. All the steps from the pickup to the delivery back to the client are done by ourself. Whith our own trucks we can pick up and deliver 60 IBC-containers each time.

The reconditioning by Tholu of the  IBC-containers includes:

  • Cleaning
  • drying
  • leak testing
  • sealing

IBC's provided with an UN approval gets after the cleaning a new UN approval with a maximum of 5 years.

Full service

To think along with our customer in saving costs we can now offer our customers full service. This includes processing and destruction of non usable packings, the preparation of usable packings and delivery of used packings. And of course providing all kinds of new packings.


There are many IBCs delivered with a new bottle each year. All this for both the chemistry and the food industry.
Since October 2008 we use an automatic Re-Bottle machine which can be thousands per year cages of a new tank fitted. Thereby become the old bottle destroyed and converted into new raw materials.